Wednesday, May 30, 2012


In a fit of spring cleaning, I've reorganized some content for this blog. If you're viewing this post via RSS, you won't notice a thing. For visitors to the site, you will notice some updates.


I have created three new pages, all with their own permalinks. Depending upon the content of future posts (stats? add-ins?), I may add more pages. I do plan to take advantage of the more dynamic nature of the pages to update content.

All of the posts about building and using a gradebook in Excel are now in one place. Sure, you can use the gradebook tag on any of those posts to see all of them, but the new page houses things chronologically and with some additional text to help guide users. I've also moved the various resources off the sidebar and built a page just for Books and Links.  Finally, I've deleted the blogger profile info from the sidebar and built an About page with a statement about the blog, my contact info, and some backstory.


I've refreshed the blogroll with some great new reads. I hope that you'll check them out:
  • chartsnthings is the (personal) blog of data sketches from the New York Times graphics department. I love the metacognitive aspect of this blog---a peek into the thinking of designers as they build visualizations.
  • "Data Remixed is a blog dedicated to exploring data and sharing insights in an engaging way."
  • Visit Tableau's Viz of the Day for a variety of visuals built by users like you. 


I've added to the choices you have for getting information from and about this blog. You can still use RSS, but now you can use the buttons on the sidebar to follow me on Twitter, add this blog to your Facebook feed, or add my YouTube channel. Just click and go!

If you have additional suggestions to make the site easier to navigate or links/tools/resources that should be included, let me know.


  1. Hi Tara - I'm really honored to be added to your blogroll. Thanks for including Data Remixed!


  2. It's great to have you join us. You have much to share with educators!