Although you can use the gradebook tag to see all of the posts below, the reverse order in which they are displayed, as well as the mix of options, can make things a little confusing. The purpose of this page is to index these popular posts and help you find what you need. All of the posts come with workbooks you can download and use. Each of the posts in The Basics also has a screencast tutorial.

The Basics
The canonical posts about building a gradebook in Excel start with a simple one class/one subject approach to organizing scores and constructing a reporting tool. Intermediate and Advanced versions show how to use a single workbook for multiple classes/subjects. Keep in mind that you can use the Beginner's version as a stand-alone option for every class.

Beginner's Gradebook
Intermediate Gradebook
Advanced Gradebook: Nested IF Statements

In these posts, you will find ways to groove off of the basic gradebook design. You can mix and match any of these with any of the gradebooks in the list above, although the examples below are all modeled off of the Beginner's Gradebook.

  • You can use GoogleDocs to organize and report student information.