Who am I?

Short Version
Educrat. Scientist. Blogger. Data pedant. Classic film fan. Shenaniganizer. In other words, I'm just your basic fugitive from the law of averages.


Long Version
I'm a a career educator, with K - 12 experience in science curriculum, instructional coaching, and both small- and large-scale assessment. I currently work for a school district supervising assessments, presenting data, and completing other duties as assigned. I present at various state and national conferences on subjects like grading practices, data visualization, and classroom technology integration. Résumé basics are here.

In my personal life, I'm a reader, fervent Amtrak fan, and recovering Texan. 

What's the deal with "Science Goddess"? When I started blogging, pseudonyms were normal in what passed for social media at that time. I didn't know how long I'd stick with blogging or consider the ramifications of associating so much content with a handle like science_goddess. But now, we're permanently linked. To share ideas under my own name means starting over---and leaving the old pseudonym open for someone else to adopt (and claim my content). The ladybug is a nod to my original blog's template...and my personal background as the daughter of an entomologist.

So, here I am: a work in progress.

Why Excel for Educators?
I started blogging over a decade ago. My other blog, What It's Like on the Inside, is a mishmash of both personal and education-related topics. In recent years, I found myself more and more interested in ideas related to Excel, classroom data, and data visualization---enough to move those ideas to this new space. I believe that educators should be able to ask their own questions and interact with data however they choose. There are many new tools available to assist teachers in analyzing and visualizing data. This blog is my attempt to empower educators to collect and use data.

Standard Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. Opinions here are my own and not my employer's. Swim at your own risk.

You can find me on Twitter (@science_goddess) or email me with questions or comments. You can also access content using the buttons in the Subscribe area of the sidebar.