Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where's Frankie Avalon When You Need Him?

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MOOC-y school dropout,
No certificate for you.
MOOC-y school dropout,
Can’t do R-stats worth a poo.

Okay, so maybe it's not quite that dire. But my first big programming assignment for my R-stats class is due in 30 minutes...and after many hours over several days, I still can't get even the first part of it to work properly.

Baby don't sweat it (Don't sweat it),
You're not cut out to write a script.
Better forget it (Forget it),
Who wants a program that can’t do shit?

I'm not really dropping out, but I think I will be giving up on my dream of completing the class in good stead. There are only two more weeks, so I will keep up with the lectures and quizzes...maybe poke around in the programming innards some more (even if I can submit the assignment). I will learn what I can and not lose sleep over the rest.

I'm a pretty good problem solver when it comes to messing around with formulas. I understand how to go out and Google for help and find YouTube videos I can follow along with. But those skills aren't serving me well with R-stats. Perhaps another course will help push me along.

I've called it quits, 
to bytes and bits, 
They really made me cry!
Think I’ll be going back to spreadsheets in the sky…


  1. If you can't do the class, SG, who would stand a chance? Mismatch or crappy class?

  2. I'm sure part of it is a skills mismatch. The description really played down the kind of programming background you need, so I'm out there. I'm not impressed with the organization/presentation of the course, so far, but I'll reserve evaluation until the class is done.