Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spreadsheet Day 2011

Debra Dalgleish says that next Monday (October 17) is Spreadsheet Day. So, you know what that means: It's time to get your nerd on.

Her challenge to us this year is to create a template or add-in to help a student. (If you don't have time, drop by her blog on Monday and leave a helpful tip for others.) What say you, educators? Can you spare a formula? Perhaps a free Excel sample to hook a young impressionable student? Because if you don't talk to your kids about spreadsheets...who will?

Debra provides the following instructions, for those of you who wish to participate:
Next Monday, October 17th, post your Spreadsheet Day contribution on your blog, or Facebook, or Twitter (use hashtag #spreadsheetday), or create a public Google spreadsheet. If you send me a link to your free and useful Spreadsheet Day tool, I’ll post it on the Spreadsheet Day Blog, to help students find your work.

Please do go read the full post. There's still plenty of time this week to ask your students what sort of tool they would use, if offered. Then, be fruitful and let Excel multiply!

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  1. Thanks Science Goddess! Looking forward to seeing any suggestions or completed spreadsheet tools.